The Truckers Freedom



by William Van Dam

I read the Green Party statement on the Freedom Convoy in the NGT  Feb 9/22 pg. 15 edition and was dismayed by the allegations of hatred, racism, homophobia, misogyny etc. They seemed to have taken a page out of Trudeau’s speech. When the leaders of the protest learned of the rebel flags and swastika’s etc, they moved quickly to remove the symbols or the persons displaying them. When the leadership learned of the “desecration” of national monuments, they dispatched persons to clean up all the monuments and protect them.

As for the closing of the downtown businesses, those businesses may be more afraid of government mandates that will fine, remove liquor licenses, force closures etc for any food service company that would accommodate the protestors, contrary to mandates, as has occurred in Kemptville and Kingston. The downtown food businesses may have made a good income serving the protestors while government workers are at home.

In contrast, the truckers, on route to Ottawa, publicly thanked the Holiday Inn near Toronto for all their help and hospitality. In Ottawa, the protestors must bring in food, which the local government claims is against health protocols. The protestors are not allowed to bring in fuel supplies to keep warm, whereas in other protest locations, fuel trucks are allowed in to fuel vehicles safely. Police are confiscating “jerry can” fuel supplies in order to freeze out the protestors, claiming possible terrorist action and of course “safety concerns”.  And then, at an all time low for any government, to threaten CAS seizure of the protestors’ children, in the “righteous concern” for their welfare. Has the government not learned from the residential school debacle? Perhaps the government would reopen those schools and have protestor children housed there, safe from the misguided cultural influences of their parents! The government has attempted to confiscate their support funds (Go Fund Me) and any type of measure of assistance voluntarily given to the protest leadership.

Government proposals are to increase parking fines, suspend driver’s license, trucking licenses etc etc etc. At time of writing, it seems the only thing any level of government is unwilling to do is to negotiate (publicly) with the protest leadership. The same “self righteous” P.M., who in his own wisdom, advised the Indian government to negotiate with their striking farmers, now will not negotiate with those parked right at Parliament Hill, neither send any emissaries.

Since the “Green Party” is heavily invested in “identity politics”, they appear to “brush” all the protestors with the same brush. Those “misogynist” men have a female on their leadership group. There are many females taking part in the protests as well as cleaning monuments and helping those “misogynist” truckers obtain fuel. At this time many industries (including trucking) claim staff shortages and yet the various tiers of government and other employers are firing (dismissing) employees (police, nurses, firemen etc) if they do not vaccinate.  The Canadian “fully vaccinated” rate is 80.2% and 85% with one jab, among the highest rates in the world for voluntary compliance. Did the government actually think they would achieve 100% voluntary compliance?

But now the heavy hand of the government is coming down on private citizens. While the Liberals and Greens cry “inclusivity” as a party platform, it appears this does not include the protestors that seek a measure of freedom from government mandated restrictions. The banner of “equality” that these political parties claim does not seem extended to those who fear or have concerns regarding the actual vaccine, for the various tiers of government will see to it that such persons do not have employment etc. Discrimination of race, creed, color, political persuasion etc is not allowed, but vaccine discrimination is becoming the order of the day.


  1. Wow, pretty good list. Here’s a few more. The Freedom Convoy is organized by two professionals whose goal it is is to separate from Canada because the Western provinces can’t gain control over the 60% of Canadians living east of them. The two main organizers and their trusty lawyer all hold anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ, anti-democracy beliefs and spread disinformation widely across Canada. Oh ya’ they came with a letter of understanding to replace the government with their own people. This is the demand they would have made had the PM been foolish enough to venture out onto Wellington St., amid the Fuck Trudeau signs. They should have left last weekend before the banks freeze their accounts, cancel their credit cards and confiscate their vehicles. I hope they left their guns out west!

  2. It’s amazing what utter nonsense people will believe rather than the evidence of their own eyes. And reciting the magic phrase ‘racism’, sexism, homophobia’ does not make the egregious abuse of human rights by the coward Trudeau and the utterly useless tools Ford and Watson any more acceptable.
    if you believe my human rights are contingent upon my vaccine status you are a fascist. If you believe non-violent protesters should be attacked physically and economically by politicians and their jackboot thugs in the OPP and RCMP, then you are no better than the ‘good Germans’ who went along with the Nazi agenda.
    The only good part of this is the increasing realization among citizens that their ‘leaders’ are soulless mediocrities, who will commit any vile act to further their agenda. And the realization that many of their fellow citizens are fools, who will believe any lie peddled by the bootlicking, ass-kissing toadies in the media rather than question their assumption.


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