The Ontario Community Newspapers Association [OCNA] announced the winners of their annual Better Newspapers competition, and the Times the took first place award for the Best Feature/News Series, in a newspaper with a circulation under 9,999.

The series recognized by OCNA was written by Dr. David Shanahan, one-time Editor of the Times, and a regular contributor still. The articles dealt with Indigenous history and current issues.  They covered the Doctrine of Discovery and the Law of Nations, two documents which have had a serious and long-lasting negative impact on the Indigenous peoples of Canada, and other nations also, as well as an account of Indigenous Status in 1950.

The judge noted the “uniqueness and indigenous-based aspect of this feature. I felt the historical aspect with modern elements affecting today’s society were noteworthy and relevant, not just to this community, but to the nation as a whole.”

Another  North Grenville journalist received an honorable mention in the same category, so congrats to Jenn too. The Times has received a number of awards from OCNA over the years, including ones for our website, maintained and supervised by staff member Christine Boyer. It is a very positive acknowledgment of the importance of local community newspapers in Ontario, and a genuine encouragement to the staff of the Times, one which is deeply appreciated by all of us.


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