The Sunshine List for 2019


In the context of our current medical crisis, it may seem a little irrelevant to discuss the remuneration enjoyed by some of our municipal staff; but residents tend to be interested in knowing how their taxes are being used to pay the people running the municipality on their behalf. Every year, the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of public sector employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year in Ontario are published under the terms of The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996. This includes municipal employees, and in 2019 the number of North Grenville municipal employees who were paid over $100,000 numbered eight.

Here are the names, the positions held by those people, the amount paid in 2019, the percentage increase over 2018, and the percentage increase they enjoyed in 2018 over 2017.

Brian Carré has since left the employ of North Grenville, removed from office as Chief Administrative Officer last October. He has since been replaced by Greg Dyke.

  • Brian Carré, CAO. Salary: $172,210.20, a 1.81% increase on 2018. 17.47% increase on 2017.
  • Karen Dunlop, Director, Public Works. Salary: $124,078.04, a 3.24% increase on 2018. 1.21% increase on 2017.
  • Mark Guy, Director, Parks, Recreation & Culture. Salary: $115,508.51, a 6.70% increase on 2018. -0.06% decrease on 2017.
  • Phillip Gerrard, Director of Planning & Development. Salary: $113,128.03, a 8.47% increase on 2018. No increase on 2017.
  • John Okum, Director of Emergency & Protective Services, Fire Chief. Salary: $113,122.57, a 9.92% increase on 2018. No increase on 2017.
  • Cahl Pominville, Director of Corporate Services & Clerk. Salary: $109,469.49, a 6.59% increase on 2018. An increase of 1.16% on 2017.
  • Doug Scott, Roads Superintendent. Salary: $108,310.53.
  • Randy Urslak, Deputy Fire Chief. Salary: $105,631.35.

Neither Doug Scott nor Randy Urslak were on last year’s Sunshine List, neither earning over the $100,000 limit.


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