The start of the next 150 years


This was always going to be a different Canada Day. Marking 150 years of Confederation gave it a special sense of occasion and there was a determination to really celebrate the day. It was different all right: have we ever had such a rainy season for July 1? But the people of North Grenville are a hardy folk, they say, and we were out in force, regardless of the rain. Jo-Anne Bell and her team at Rotary did a really great job with the parade in Kemptville, and it was as colourful and engaging as you could wish. Nice to see Mayor David Gordon and Pamela Gordon dressed in their period costumes, with parade being led by our own Town Crier, Deron Johnston (sponsored by the NG Times).

Mayor and Council had a busy day, moving back and forth between Kemptville and Oxford Mills, raising flags, joining parades, and enjoying the day. Oxford Mills carried on despite having most of the rain, and the new flags were raised outside the old Town Hall by Mayor Gordon and Councillor Arnaud (who, as a naval man, knows all about flags and ropes and knots). Oxford Mills has been having fairs and similar events like this since the decade before Confederation, and having the new gazebo (bought and paid for by the Community Association) in place in time for the Canada Day celebrations was an added bonus. Anyone wishing to donate to the cost of the gazebo should contact the Association, they’ll be happy to hear from you.

It was remarkable to see the faces, familiar and new, old and young, all getting together in a happy and joyful mood to mark the country’s birthday. In a world that often seems to have gone mad, Canada really does, for all its faults and problems, seem more and more like a rock of sanity and humanity. No wonder we braved the weather to be together on such a wonderful anniversary. May we see many more together.


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