On November 28, the Regional Tourism Office for Southeastern Ontario hosted a workshop on welcoming the LGBTQ2AI+ community. This workshop was developed to aid local business owners recognize inclusiveness for staff and customers, and how to make them feel safe, appreciated and accepted in local businesses. Many local business owners attended this workshop, with open minds and open hearts, to educate themselves on how they can become a safe space. 

Learning proper terms and needs of the LGBTQ2A1+ community was just the first step. There were great questions asked, and everyone was engaged in answering with their own personal experiences. Representatives from the NG Pride organization were on hand, and indicated they are working hard on setting up training and resources with anticipated funding. Jeff, from the Tourism Office, hosted the workshop and was really impressed with the various steps North Grenville has taken to welcome this community, while also opening our eyes regarding areas that still need work. 



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