The Reasons for Giving – A festive event for Seniors’ Community Services


by Jill Woodley

Throughout the pandemic, Seniors’ Community Services continued to provide programs and services for hundreds of seniors in the North Grenville area. It took ingenuity, creativity, and collaboration. A missing piece was the annual schedule of events that provide key funds for many of our services. SCS relies on these events to raise the almost $80,000 from fundraising efforts.

So how have we dodged and ducked COVID, while providing the community with safe and fun events? In May, SCS volunteers collaborated with local potters for the first annual Soup and Go event that was a sell-out in days. Homemade soup and rolls, with a beautiful piece of pottery, was dropped on attendee porches and it was a huge success. On September 26, Jill Woodley Photography brought Photos in the Park and another sell-out. Families, dog owners, and friends booked sessions for a full day of 17 shoots, and almost $1,400 was raised.

One of the participants, Molly O’Connor, had this to say about the event: “Jill is the master of her lens. In a matter of minutes, she captures images that are pleasing and expressive. Photos In The Park was definitely a worthwhile experience.”

It was a brand-new event, and the hope is to add it as an annual event to raise money for the Medical Transportation Service that provides vital support for seniors to access appointments. Dawn Rodger, Executive Director, Seniors’ Community Services, summed up the aim and value of the day: “SCS is diligently working to enhance our visibility, which is quite challenging during a worldwide pandemic. We believe there is still that opportunity to enhance our visibility, serve clients well and have fun doing it and our Photos in the Park did just that. At a time when people are tired it was refreshing to see so many incredible shots capturing the essence of our community.”

What is next you may ask? Holiday wreaths and planters! Seniors’ Community Services has partnered with CCFarms to bring beauty to your home and support to the seniors in your community. Each planter and wreath are hand-made, and will add that special touch to your holiday décor. With every wreath and planter sold, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to SCS services and programs.

The cost is $30 for a wreath and $35 for a planter, and they can be ordered by calling 613-258-3203, or by emailing [email protected]. Delivery to the office will be on November 19 for pick-up.

Your support will ensure seniors in your community have access to all the tools needed to live with independence, confidence, and health in their own homes. Thank you for being part of this festive event!


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