An annual tradition for many families in the area is to purchase a tree from The Lions Club.

You can purchase a 6-8 foot Balsam Fir Christmas Tree for $60 (Cash Only) at the Ferguson Forestry Centre located just beside the Municipal Centre on County Rd 44. 

On November 26, the first customers to arrive were Brian and Geraldine Tracy who were looking to find the perfect tree for their Equinelle Residents Christmas party on December 3. Within minutes, they found two full, freshly unwrapped trees to put on display at the country club. A special story behind these trees is that they are not from our Ferguson Centre, but actually grown and harvested in Peterborough at a sister forestry station, Pine Needle Farm. They have a great relationship that involves exchanges of trees and seeds throughout the year. 

You can visit the center on weekends from 9-5 pm and weekdays from 10-5 pm while supplies last! There is also a small selection of trees that range from 10-15 feet for anyone with big spaces to fill, for $80. 

By purchasing a tree through the Lions Club, you are supporting the community and the initiatives carried out by these wonderful members. They look forward to seeing residents who return every year to purchase their tree, and meeting new friends who have come to purchase their first of many trees. 

A huge thank you to all the staff at the Forestry Centre, members of the Lions Club who devote their time during the holiday season and provide such a great fundraising initiative, and lastly to the community who come out to support great causes such as this. 


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