The Paranormal Show Wunderkammer


The Spencerville Mill is offering a new take on Halloween drama, theatrics and scary things this year with The Paranormal Show. Already a special venue with a history going back to the 1860s, the Mill will now be an atmospheric setting for the Wunderkammer, a 17th Century Cabinet of Wonders that promises to give audiences a glimpse into another reality.

Created and hosted by Scott McClelland, the man behind Canada’s Premiere Circus Sideshow ‘Carnival Diablo,’ The Paranormal Show features a spectacular assortment of feats designed to provide enthralled viewers with a look at all facets of the unexplainable.

Loaded with audience participation and laughs galore amid the mystery, this show is a unique experience for everyone but will have special appeal to Steampunk enthusiasts as well as lovers of Victorian gothic and spooky happenings, costume drama and the mysteries of clever sleight-of-hand. For added entertainment, those attending are invited to come in costumes of their choice.

The Paranormal Show has been showcased on The Discovery Channel, TLC, and A&E TV. “This is the only Show of its kind,” says Scott McClelland proudly. During the first half of the show, Scott will perform acts of hypnotism, mind-reading, psychokenesis (the movement of objects with mind), auto-suggestion and use retrocognition to solve a crime from over 100 years ago. Plus, he will play a game of Russian Roulette with a 9-inch spike. As a grand finale, Scott will attempt to contact the dead. It’s not the usual kind of event offered by the historic Mill but it will stir your spirits along with those of spirits long gone.

The show will take place at the Spencerville Mill & Museum, 11 Water St. on Saturday, October 20, 2018. The Show starts at 8 pm; refreshments at 7 pm.

Tickets $25 at the door or go to Online tickets at:


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