by Monica McCleland

The Urbandale Arts Centre will be showcasing KPI’s production of The Man With Bogart’s Face, by Andrew J. Fenady from March 2-5.
This is a full length comedy/drama radio play. That means that the entire stage of the Arts Centre will be turned into a gigantic sound stage, as per the 1930/40’s radio sound stages. This play is set up to look very much as it would have looked like for radio personnel to go to work in this era at a radio studio. By that, I mean that the only costumes the players will be wearing, is the attire that someone of that era might have been wearing to go to work – they will not be acting out parts with costumes. It will all be done with voices and sound effects – like they did it over the radio way back when.
The play is about a man who is fixated with Humphrey Bogart to the extent that he gets his face surgically altered to look like him. He calls himself Sam Marlowe (a mishmash of a couple of Bogart’s famous characters in films), and then he opens a detective agency. This brave entrepreneur is being played by Ian Bell.
For the first little while, Sam and his secretary Duchess (played by Sophie Hall), have a very hard time making a go of their business, but once Sam is pictured in the paper after a shooting, business picks up.
Some very ruthless people (who coincidentally are also similar to various characters in Bogart films (see how many you can spot), are after a priceless set of sapphires. These are called “The Eyes of Alexander” (after a statue of Alexander the Great) and Marlowe and Duchess are – you guessed it – caught up in the middle of it all.
A real-live radio play, with home-made musical commercials, sung by the “Spotted Chicks” our own jinglers. Our spotted chicks are: Paula Henke, Helen MacGregor and Nancy McIntyre, and they are accompanied by Louise Atchison, who provided the musical arrangements for these commercials.
This play, directed by Steve Wendt and assisted by Lee Gaw, is on March 2-4 at 7:30 pm and again on Sunday, March 5, at 2 pm. Tickets are $15 each and are available at B&H Grocer, Business Strategies, and the Municipal Centre.


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