The Magical Salamander


by Paul Cormier

Salamanders of Kemptville presents: The Magical Salamander, lying quietly on the patio overlooking the Kemptville Reach. The Magical Salamander is a creation of a team from the North Grenville Arts Guild made up of Johanna Jansen and her spouse André Langlais, Caroline Marshall, Barb Buchanan, and Gary Blake. Starting at 9 am on Friday morning, February 15, The Magical Salamander rose bit by bit from the mass of snow accumulated on the patio. Johanna Jansen built a scale model of the creation, and off the team went to make it happen. It is an amazing feat, and we invite everyone interested in viewing our Magical Salamander to come on down (no purchase necessary). Many thanks to the talented and motivated NGAG team for showing us how wonderful it is to work together on a common project and produce such wonderful results. We sincerely hope that The Magical Salamander might be the beginning of a February Snow Sculpture for the downtown.


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