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by Paul Cormier, Salamanders of Kemptville

Ok, here we go again with another soup! I just had another bowl of this one a few moments ago, after coming in from -15 degree weather. When we got run over by a Ford and had to close Salamanders (again), we had lots of mushrooms left over, and since Liane’s Mushroom Soup is so tasty, we have enjoyed having it for the past couple or three weeks. Our grandson, Ayden, really likes to cook up a batch of his mother’s recipe. Try it with warmed up Naan Flatbread.

Liane’s Mushroom Soup

1 pound of mixed mushrooms; along with white mushrooms use a couple of Portobellos and if you can find them, dried Shitakes (check T and T in Ottawa); slice them all thinly
1 or 2 onions, finely chopped
Chicken or vegetable broth
18% cream, or for extra richness, 35%
A pinch of dried thyme
Salt and pepper to taste (go easy on the salt)

If you found the dried Shitake mushrooms, soak them in warm water until soft.
In a saucepan, using butter or oil, fry the onions and mushrooms, including the shitakes.
Once browned, add enough broth to cover the mixture.
Add some dried thyme and simmer for about 15 minutes.
Slowly add the cream of your choice (18% or 35%); start with one cup of whichever cream you have decided to use.
Using a submersible blender, make the mixture into a purée.
Add any additional cream or broth to achieve the consistency of soup you are happy with.
Taste and add salt and pepper (and more thyme) if you so desire.

Trust me, folks, this one is a winner. Kindly confirm by contacting me at
[email protected].


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