The Ferguson Forest Centre and its Tree Nursery Operations


The trails of Ferguson Forest Centre remain open to the public for continued enjoyment; however, everyone is reminded of the need for physical distancing, and don’t mingle. Once you have enjoyed your time in the fresh air and forest please return home to control the COVID 19 virus spread.

To help in the fight against the COVID 19 Virus, the Forest Centre and Tree Nursery office is closed to the public, but service is available by phone or e-mail. The contact person at this time is CEO Ed Patchell at [email protected], or 613-258-0110 ext. 224.

The Tree Nursery is considered an essential service in the Forestry supply chain. Therefore, nursery operations are continuing as planned. We are currently seeding for future crops in the greenhouses. The public can expect to see workers in our fields starting this week. Please be assured, we are taking as many precautions as we can to limit the spread of the COVID 19 virus to our employees and the public.

The following precautions are being taken to manage our operations:

  • Ensuring all new and current employees do not come to work if they are in any way sick;
  • Ensuring staff remain isolated as much as possible;
  • Asking non-local staff to self-isolate for 14 days before starting work here at the nursery;
  • Maintaining physical distancing as much as operationally possible;
  • many of our operations are being adjusted to make this work;
  • Setting up work teams to separate staff interaction in order to avoid possible contamination;
  • Stock pickups will be accomplished in a drive-thru setup.

We ask that the public please avoid all FFC staff and nursery operations to help us maintain our operations and avoid any COVID 19 issues.


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