A rubble stone wall is a mute reminder of the homesteads that once dotted the area of the Limerick Forest. Photo courtesy of Geoff McVey.

A Power Point exploration of the abandoned homesteads in the Limerick Forest will be led Forest Manager Geoff McVey, Sun. Feb. 10, 12:30 PM at the Goose and Gridiron in Merrickville at the public meeting of the Rideau Valley Archaeological Society (RVAS).

Mr. McVey will delve into the tangible cultural heritage of abandoned farms, remnant foundations, wells, and the other mapped vestiges Irish settlement that began in the 1840s. He will touch on the eight decades the province and Leeds and Grenville have administered the nearly 6,000 hectares of woodlands. 

In May, RVAS members guided by Mr. McVey will explore sections of Limerick Forest.

RVAS meets the second Sunday of the month. Although the meetings are open to everyone, the purchase of a $20 annual membership is encouraged. 

Paid members will have the opportunity for exclusive participation in archaeological digs and other opportunities. Membership fees help the society establish financial security for costs arising in running the organization, the purchase of AV equipment, developing a Web page, and other expenses. 


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