The CECCE 2021-26 Strategic Plan


The Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) unveiled its 2021-26 strategic plan at an exciting and inspiring virtual event. The CECCE organized dynamic discussion panels to stimulate conversations about the values put forward in the new strategic plan: compassion, passion and engagement. The event also featured rich and varied entertainment showcasing the talents of CECCE students.

Over 3,000 members of the school community contributed to envisioning the CECCE of the future. Parents, students, staff, trustees and partners participated in multiple rounds of consultations aimed at defining the board’s new vision, mission, values and strategic pillars for the next five years.

Mission: Steeped in Catholic values, the CECCE inspires all students to discover their passions, develop their talents and contribute to humanity.

Vision: Leadership of a diverse, inclusive, vibrant francophone school community recognized for excellence in transforming the learning experience and its caring, compassionate schools.

Values: Compassion, passion, engagement.

Strategic pillars:

  1. An environment that prioritizes well-being, equity and inclusion
  2. Transformed, innovative approaches to education
  3. Synergy with the Catholic and francophone community
  4. An agile, environmentally responsible organization energized and enriched by its people

“As Chair of the CECCE, I am thrilled to see that months of consultations have come to fruition. Feedback from all stakeholders informed the board’s views and decisions about its roadmap for the next five years. I am very excited to help implement this strategic plan, which lays the foundation for a bright future shaped by values the board embraces, values that can mobilize the entire community: diversity, well-being, equity, learning experience transformation, active open-mindedness, passion and engagement,” said Johanne Lacombe. 

Director of Education Marc Bertrand was equally enthusiastic: “This strategic plan is exactly what the entire school community set out to achieve. This collaboration with dynamic and engaged stakeholders determined to make their vision a reality will enable the board to become even more successful, innovative, caring and compassionate as it continues working to build a better tomorrow. I would also like to congratulate everyone who organized this official launch; I firmly believe it sets the tone for everything the CECCE wants to accomplish going forward.”


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