The art of Julie Mercier


Julie Mercier  is a self-taught artist hailing from the beautiful province of Ontario, Canada. After she retired from a career in graphic, web, and interface design, she  discovered a passion for acrylic painting. She absolutely loves painting animals and people, and tries to capture their essence by portraying them up close and personal. Her artistic journey is all about finding her style by experimenting with complementary colours, bold hues, and looser, less detailed strokes. Her ultimate goal is to create a heartfelt connection between you and her artwork.

She is proud to be affiliated with some amazing art associations such as the Ottawa School of Art, the Manotick Art Association, the Merrickville Arts Guild, and the North Grenville Arts Guild. Her artwork has been showcased at some of the finest venues like Cline House Gallery, Gallery 55, Shenkman Art Centre, Heritage House Museum, the Ottawa School of Art Boutique, and the Fulford Place Museum.

Julie continues her journey as an artist and to learn and grow constantly. She will be showcasing her art at the upcoming Art on the Waterfront in Chesterville this coming weekend.

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“Making art brings such joy to my life”


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