The Advance Building 206 Prescott Street

Throwback Thursday


Until around 1900, the lots on the west side of Prescott Street south of the Asa Street junction were part of the Anderson & Langstaff company property. Anderson & Langstaff ran an important department store in the large building facing Asa Street. In 1909, the local newspaper, The Advance, which was located where the parking lot beside the South Branch Bistro is today, was badly damaged by a fire and were forced to move out of the building. In 1910, the Anderson & Langstaff company built the Advance Building to accommodate the newspaper’s offices. The newspaper rented the building until 1924, when it was bought by the proprietor, John Colborne. Ownership changed hands with the newspaper over the years. Between 1941 and 1950, it was also the location of the Oxford-on-Rideau Egg Association. The upper floor was used by the local Masons for years as a meeting place, and the newspaper shared space with various offices.

The newspaper changed hands many times during the period before it was bought out by Metroland Media, a major Canadian media corporation, and moved out of the building which had been its home for so many years. It no longer has offices in North Grenville. The building continued to be used by Advance Printing, a stationary and printing store, as well as other business through the 200’s, including a candy store and a games centre.


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