The NG Times Newspaper

by Wendy Embleton, KDCA

On behalf of the Kemptville District Community Association I would like to say THANK YOU to our community members and leaders who have spent endless hours these past few months bringing forth a celebration for Canada Day community wide. Many will never understand the effort that has been put forth by this amazing crew.

While the KDCA board may not have been prepared for 2020, we pushed forward and asked for help. It was granted! Please remember as you read forward that all residents and business owners within North Grenville are considered members of the Kemptville District Community Association. It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with the Oxford Mills Community Association on this event. The partnership with the OMCA has been very rewarding for us all!

At the onset of planning, a call was placed to Chris Walker – our very energetic broadcaster at Juice FM. Immediately, Chris jumped on board! Beyond his position at the station, he took part on the subcommittees, attending many late evening meetings, and got involved.

Maggie and David, our beloved NG Times owners, worked with us tirelessly for weeks, putting together our pages, allowing us to edit freely, and occasionally (most often) allowed us to bow out gracefully when we realized the first draft was better than we knew. They developed their own games and incentives, and were always available to discuss and grow our original ideas.

Mayor Peckford and council have watched over all proceedings. They have offered advice, support, guidance, and ideas. They have all participated in our ground work for this event and made themselves available for conversations throughout.

With fear of leaving anyone out, a special shout out to Tammy Hurlbert, Carolyn Lundy, Chief Okum, Jill Sturdy – who have all assisted without hesitation! Our municipal staff is simply amazing!

The Kemptville District Community Association asks you to blast your radio on July 1, set to 97.5 FM. We ask you to pull out anything red and white and decorate your homes. We ask you to download the Goose Chase application and participate. Grab the colouring pencils and give us your works of art. We ask you to thank your neighbors for participating and, more importantly … We ask that you create memories, have fun, and show us! Connect with us on Facebook and via email.

Slap the schedule from NG Times on the fridge and be sure you listen for some of our amazing local musicians, watch your Facebook feed for posts regarding some of our wonderful local visual artists, participate in the events to win prizes from our wide assortment of businesses within the community.

In true Canadian fashion – we have shown we are stronger together even when we have to be apart.

Again – Thank you all!


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