Thank you from the Pratt Ladies


First off, we have to acknowledge that this has been a long time coming. Over the past months and weeks, we have been taking the time to mourn the loss of our husband and father, Mr. Kemptville, Harry Pratt. We were taking the time to remember the minutes of the day where he was nothing other than a husband and a father. We acknowledge that he was many things to many people and sharing him over the years has been our honour. Thank you for allowing us time to grieve; we also want to take a few moments to show our respect for everyone who has and still is grieving for him.

Since word first got out about his illness, the outpouring of support was so great, that only someone with Harry’s energy would have been able to extend a personal thank you to all of these people. Instead, we offer this note of thanks. Whether it was the hand shake and quiet word, the card in the mail, the beautiful flower arrangements and gift baskets, the food, the donations to the Kemptville District Hospital and Ottawa Cancer Centre or the attendance at the celebration of life, all of these things spoke volumes to us. It is also important to us to acknowledge all those who visited with Harry in his last weeks, on the phone, at home and in the hospital. It helped him pass the time and keep his moral up, by doing what he did best – talk. All it took was a familiar voice in the hallway, and Harry was calling in visitors, by name. These visits meant so much to him, and, although his family and doctors may have wanted him to rest, he wanted to make sure he got to see everyone. This was truly Harry. He wasn’t just a husband; he wasn’t just a father; he was a friend to many and he would have been a friend to more if he had had the time.

On top of everything, we would like to thank the “Magic Committee” for all their hard work turning the Kemptville District Hospital staff cafeteria into a winter wonderland for the most beautiful and memorable wedding we have ever experienced. Harry, in his most deserved and last declaration, said it was magical. He said it was a miracle, and he said it was wonderful. We, as a family, wholeheartedly agree. Thank you infinite times over to the “Magic Committee.” You made more than one wish come true that day.

There is no replacing Harry Pratt but, we know his selflessness and generous spirit will live on in the many people he met. We saw that Harry spirit pour into the community with his passing, and it is still there. We love reading the stories and the memories, so please keep them coming. It is beautiful to hear how he impacted the lives of so many.
As his children, we knew he loved no one more. As his wife, a better partner and best friend could never have been found.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We will miss him, as we know you will too. But we can keep his memory alive in our actions: open that door with a jig and a song, give that hug, pay for that person’s coffee, deliver that item a child loved but might not have been able to afford, buy that lunch or, if you are really Harry ambitious, tow that vehicle to 100 fairs to sell raffle tickets. Life is too short to take it seriously, love and live it with a big heart and a song.

The Pratt Ladies.


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