Thank you for your Trust


submitted by Doreen O’Sullivan

Doreen O’Sullivan

Two weeks ago, the voters of North Grenville elected me to be your Municipal Councillor for another term. I am honoured, I am proud, and I am humbled.

Four years ago I stood for council with no political experience and limited knowledge of how the municipality functioned. I promised to serve with integrity, enthusiasm and commitment. I promised to learn and to serve the people to the best of my ability.

I believe that I have done this and I am committed to continue to do so.

As a health care professional, I always work as part of a team. Trust and communication are the absolute basic requirements of safe health care.

This holds true for any highly functional team. Commitment to respect, honesty and working together must be present in each and every member of the council for the good of the community.  

The 28th Governor General of Canada, David Johnston, wrote a book titled “Trust – Twenty Ways to Build a Better Country”.  This book was given to me by a local resident shortly after I was elected in 2018. It has guided my approach to being a part of the council which has accomplished a great deal and faced unprecedented challenges.

There are three main themes in his book. First, Make yourself worthy of trust. Second,  Build trust around you. And third,  Create a trustworthy and trusted community.  

Some of the ways to accomplish these themes include listening, consistency, showing up not showing off, acting in the first person plural, being true to yourself,  knowing there is more than one right way, depending on those around you,  recognizing a peril, knowing how to apologize, honouring those who taught us,  and following the Golden Rule.  

That is the kind of person I strive to be. I believe that this re-elected council will continue to work together as a team with respect and always aiming to improve. The engagement of residents, along with the expertise and skills of our municipal staff, all contribute to the success of our Council.

I congratulate all my council colleagues, Mayor Nancy Peckford and Councillors John Barclay, Deb Wilson and Kristin Strackerjan on their re-election. I applaud the other candidates who put themselves forward in the election. It was good to see so many willing to serve the community and good to get to know them better during the campaign.  

I appreciated all the prayers and well wishes when I was ill. I am happy to report that I am feeling well and it was not too serious. These gestures are what make NG the community I love and why I serve.

Thank you again for putting your trust in me.



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