Teeny Summit with big ideas coming to Merrickville


On June 28, Merrickville-Wolford will welcome guests from surrounding municipalities to a special day dedicated to issues that affect small communities.

The Teeny Tiny Summit is a program developed by the OMAFRA Regional Economic Development Branch in conjunction with its host communities, Merrickville and Havelock. Topics such as municipal-volunteer relationships, strategic planning, water and wastewater, and risk management/insurance will all be on the agenda, along with a presentation from keynote speaker Peter Kenyon.

Peter is a renowned Australian community development expert who has worked with over 2,000 communities to find fresh and creative ways to stimulate community and local economic renewal. His goal is to create healthy, caring, inclusive, connected, sustainable and enterprising communities and local economies. He is adamant that the only way to develop a community is from the inside out, and emphasizes the importance of members investing themselves, their ideas and assets into the place where they live.

In the afternoon, there will be an opportunity for facilitated discussion on the key topics discussed in the morning in order to learn from other communities, brainstorm solutions, share best practices, and get ideas for next steps in the various communities. “The idea is to educate and provide tools to show that even small communities with limited resources can be a part of the economic picture,” says Merrickville-Wolford CAO John Regan. “It’s about harnessing the power that is in your community.”

The Summit will begin at 9:00 am at the Merrickville Community Centre and will run until 4:00 pm with a break for a locally-inspired lunch. Anyone who has an interest in making a difference in their small community is invited to attend. Tickets are $32 and can be purchased by following the link on Merrickville-Wolford’s municipal website, www.merrickville-wolford.ca.


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