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The 14th Annual Sustainability Fair, to be held April 16, is once again offering informative presentations on a wide range of topics to do with local sustainability and the environment. All presentations will be held in the Urbandale Theatre, at the North Grenville Municipal Centre, during the Fair from 10am – 3pm. Admission is free.

What’s Growing at Kemptville Campus? Community gardens, Greenhouses and more.

Come and learn about the latest developments and activities at our own Kemptville Campus. Did you know that the Campus is guided by three pillars, all through an environmental and sustainability lens? Besides education and training, the Campus themes also include economic development and health and wellness.

Project Manager Leela Ramachandran will talk about the new high school Agri-Food Business course, activities in the greenhouses, the FSC-certified forest and trails, and plans for a new community garden. Come and learn how you can get involved.

Time 10:15. Presented by Leela Ramachandran, Project Manager, Kemptville Campus

Impacts of Bill 23: Is building more homes faster good for the environment?

In October, the provincial government passed Bill 23: The More Homes Built Faster Act – an omnibus piece of Ontario housing legislation that ‘streamlines’ dozens of laws to build 1.5 million homes in the next 10 years. What does this mean for North Grenville, our community and the environment? Concerns include reduced income from development charges, cutting back on green space, reduced input by Conservation Authorities, and reduced input from members of the public if there are concerns about a new development. 

Come and hear three local experts in their fields share their perspectives on the bill:

  • Sommer Casgrain-Robertson, General Manager, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.
    Ms. Casgrain-Roberston will outline the new role to be played by the CA. 
  • Phil Mosher – Deputy Director of Planning, Municipality of North Grenville. The Municipality has prepared a summary of the changes that North Grenville will have to make to accommodate the new bill.
  • Dr Sarah Tuck – is a local doctor especially interested in the crossroads of mental health and ecological health. Dr Tuck helped organize a protest of Bill 23 in November last year, and will discuss actions the average person may take to mitigate the impact.

Time 11:15. Hosted by Tom Graham, Sustainable North Grenville

Help with Greening Your Home

Are you thinking of making your home more efficient, more resilient or reducing its environmental impact in the face of climate change? Looking for information about government grants and interest-free loans for home improvements, about heat pumps, solar energy, batteries and power management? Want to learn more about insulation, air tightness, electric tools, natural landscaping, home retrofits and efficient, environmentally-sound building practices?

If you are interested in greening your home, check out the panel discussion led by Chris Weissflog, owner of EcoGen Energy and Build. Representative experts will share knowledge from their specific areas of expertise followed by a Q&A session that will give you an opportunity to draw ideas from them in order to tackle your specific projects.

Time 12:15. Hosted by Chris Weissflog, EcoGen Energy and Build.

Mental Wellness and Reconnection with Nature

A mental health crisis plagues North American culture at the same time that the climate crisis rages. Is it our gradual separation from the natural environment that has led to both? And could it be that the simple act of reconnecting with nature could offer a solution for both? 

Until very recently, the field of Psychology and its related therapies have focused almost exclusively on individual and social/cultural factors to explain and “correct” behaviour. A newer field called Ecopsychology highlights the deep connection between the human and non-human. By applying this model in the mental health field (and across other disciplines), there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to healing the suffering of both the mind and the natural world.

Sarah Tuck is a local doctor practicing psychotherapy and hospice care. She is especially interested in the crossroads of mental health and ecological health. She finds peace and connection in the forest and hopes to share that love with her kids and with others.

(This talk is a repeat of Dr Tuck’s popular talk delivered recently at the Grenville Mutual Community Room.)

Time 1:15. Presented by Dr. Sarah Tuck.

Intro to Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not a novelty anymore; they’re commonplace. Sales for 2022 reveal that Canadians purchased plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles at rates approaching 10% of new registered vehicles. But how can you choose one that’s right for you?

Jeff Goodman will be joining for a presentation that features the President of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa, and representatives from Transport Canada to help dispel some of the myths and mysteries of owning and operating an electric vehicle. Topics will cover reducing emissions, and the costs of operation and maintenance. The higher upfront cost is but one factor amongst all these considerations that, sometimes, can be more than offset by the savings. Accompanying Jeff will be several other presenters who will bring their EV experience to share with participants – many of these others will be in the arena and test drives will be available. 

Time: 2:15, Hosted by Jeff Goodman.

The 14th Annual Sustainability Fair is on Sunday, April 16, from 10 – 3pm. Free admission. All welcome.


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