L-R - Ovarian Cancer survivor and advocate Sandra Sloan, Ovarian Cancer Canada representative Ashley Law, and Jim Beveridge of B&H.

B&H Your Community Grocer presented a hefty cheque to Ovarian Cancer Canada on Friday, which was the result of fundraising they did at the store throughout the month of September.

Ashley Law, from Ovarian Cancer Canada, stopped by the B&H to receive the cheque and thank Jim and Judy Beveridge for their support. “It means everything to us,” Ashley said. “We can’t thank you enough for raising money and the awareness you do.”

The grand total was $1,186 which was raised by the cashiers asking for donations throughout September, which is Ovarian Cancer Month. “We’re only the intermediary between [Ovarian Cancer Canada and] our customers,” Jim says. “B&H customers are very generous. It’s a very caring community.”


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