Sunshine List in North Grenville sees another rise in staff salaries


The annual Sunshine List of Public Service workers earning more than $100,000 per year has been published by the Ontario Government, and it shows another increase in salary costs in the municipality. The List was introduced in The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996, by the Mike Harris Conservative Government in order to allow taxpayers to see where their money was going. It includes provincial and municipal employees. In its first year, the List contained just 4,500 names and the criteria for inclusion has not been updated since then. It has been calculated that the same salary today would be $150,000 and about 85% of those on this year’s list would not be included.

North Grenville pays six of its senior Managers more than $100,000, an increase of one since last year. In 2012, there was just one employee in the municipality earning more than $100,000. In 2018, the situation was:

Brian Carré, Chief Administrative Officer, $168,581.90
Karen Dunlop, Director of Public Works, $119,624.71
Mark Guy, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture, $107,695.53
Philip Gerrard, Director of Planning and Development, $104,056.31
Cahl Pominville, Director of Corporate Services/Clerk, $102,465.47
John Okum, Director of Emergency and Protective Services, Fire Chief, $102,349.31

Senior Management salaries have been going up year over year since 2017. In that year, the total paid to the top earners was $493,487, which was a decline from the previous year of almost 30%. In 2018, salaries went up by almost 20%, and the same rise was seen in this year’s figures. The biggest increase went to the CAO, whose salary rose by 17.8% last year. In the last five years (2013 to 2018) the salary of the CAO of North Grenville went from $125,227 to $168,582. This has put the CAO in the top 96.6 percentile in his position category in Ontario.


  1. Mr. Shanahan,

    Please provide your formula to determine “This has put the CAO in the top 96.6 percentile in his position category in Ontario.”

    I cannot recreate your calculation based on the 2018 Sunshine list that I downloaded and analyzed.

    I’ve tried using Excel, PERCENTRANK.EXC(ArrayOfSalaries,NGpostiion), then I tried =PERCENTILE.INC(ArrayOfSalaries,0.966) which calculates out to $292,528.39. So I tried the most basic manual calculation possible, the total municipal CAOs in Ontario (220) minus the number of CAOs below the NG-CAO position (106) divided by the total Number of CAOs (220), times 100.

    None of my calculation using standard formulas come close to your number of 96.6, am I missing something?

    Thank you.

  2. Mr Shanahan,

    I was curious what $100,000 in 1996 dollars would be in 2018. calculates $100,000 CAD in 1996 would be worth $152,154.2 CAD in 2018.


  3. Mr Shanahan,

    I downloaded the information directly from the Ontario Government website and was not questioning your reporting of the raw data.

    As stated in my original comment, I cannot replicate your calculations and wanted to understand how you derived the 96.6 percentile value you reported. Please provide context as to how you calculated the amount stated in your article.

    Thank you.


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