The Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre proudly launched its annual Summer Company program on Thursday, May 30. This year, nine young entrepreneurs in Leeds Grenville will experience being their own boss this summer. The project involves students from across Leeds Grenville.

The Summer Company is funded by the Government of Ontario. The program provides hands-on business training and mentoring. The students are awarded up to $3,000. These funds help enterprising young people start up and run their own summer business. The participants will receive an award of up to $1,500 in early summer to help with business start-up costs, and an additional $1,500 award in the fall upon the successful completion of their Summer Company business and proof of returning to school. They also have an opportunity to meet every two weeks with a local business mentoring group, for support and advice on operating their summer business.

This year, almost half of the Summer Company participants are residents of North Grenville. And, in an unusual twist, there is a common theme to their various enterprises: photography and horses.

Justin Frappier, Frappier Photography, will use his photography and editing skills to create top quality equine photos. Whether an action shot with rider, or a still shot with the horse on its own, Frappier Photography will provide top quality sessions and digital prints. Justin can be reached at:, or 613-720-9021.

Joshua Gilbey, Shot 2 See Photography, will be taking nature photos of the area, and selling them at various markets and retail outlets in North Grenville and beyond. His unique perspective will bring our local landscapes into people’s home and offices in a new way. Josh can be reached at:, or 289-928-1783.

Katie Gilpin, Equine Bonnet Stop, will be creating bonnets for horse owners to protect their horse’s ears from flies and other insects. She will be appealing to horse lovers in the area, crocheting bonnets in different colours and styles, and will market to horse barns in North Grenville. Katie can be reached at:, or 613-258-3384.

Mark Gilpin, Oxford Photo Restoration, will be restoring photos this summer using digital software and techniques. Mark will bring your precious memories and family history back to life for more generations to appreciate. Mark can be reached at:

Congratulations and best wishes to all four of these local entrepreneurs, and may the Summer Company project lead on to good things in the future.


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