Suicide Loss Support Group


submitted by Beth Donovan Hospice 

Though death by suicide often hides in the shadows of our society, it is very real and the impact is significant. Every year, approximately 4,500 people in Canada die by suicide, which is equivalent to 12 people dying by suicide every day. The number of lives touched by suicide is considerably higher.

In the wake of death, people often seek to construct a meaningful narrative that helps them find peace and understand what happened. After a suicide death, as with any other type of death, the bereaved may seek to make sense of what happened. However, in this instance, they may find that many of their questions are either unanswerable or lead to distressing conclusions (whether or not these conclusions are true).

Facing the loss of a loved one to suicide can add another level of pain to your grief, resulting in a complicated grief experience. The shock and anguish following a suicide can seem overwhelming. As well as mourning your loved one’s passing, you’re likely also wrestling with a host of conflicting emotions and struggling to come to terms with the nature of their death.

It’s likely you’ll always be left with some unanswered questions about your loved one’s suicide—and the sadness at losing them in such a tragic way will never completely disappear—but there are ways to deal with the pain.

The Beth Donovan Hospice will be facilitating an eight week Sucide Loss Support Group at the North Grenville Public Library beginning Feb 6 from 2:30-4 pm. The group will run for 8 consecutive weeks. This group will offer participants strategies and coping suggestions, as well as hold space for sharing and supporting. This group is free of charge. Registration is required. For more information please contact Megan Dillenbeck at 613-258-9611 or [email protected]


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