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Earrings, scarves, wine sleeves, bookmarks and more are for sale at Geronimo on Prescott Street in Kemptville, all made by students at École Rivière Rideau as a project meant to teach them about recycling and sustainability.

All the fabric used came from old shirts that they collected, cut up and sewed together and the earrings are made from the ends of old pencil crayons. The students eagerly gave up their lunch hour to complete the items with older students helping the younger students. Teacher Julie McLean’s 3/4/5 class were the leaders of the project and say they really enjoyed finding a way to use up items which would have normally gone into the trash can. No part of the shirt was lost with even the buttons going towards creating pushpins for their corkboard.

Throughout the year the students have learned the importance of nature, recycling and sustainable living through story books and art. Using a book called “Imagine un arbre” as inspiration students each created their own version of a tree on cardboard with plasticine. After finding a robin’s nest outside with blue eggs the children also had the opportunity to write a poem and create their own nests out of recycled material. The children’s artwork is also on display at Geronimo. “We have a great partnership with [them]” Julie says. “They are very supportive of us.” All the proceeds from the sale of the items will go towards the school’s ecology club and supporting some of their outdoor programming.


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