Strengths and weaknesses

Municipality Matters


by Mayor David Gordon

Building livable cities depends on the strength of all Ontario communities. Rural industries (such as aggregates, agriculture, tourism, forestry, and mining) support the quality of life in every area of the province. Rural communities feed our families and provide the raw materials that build our communities and economy. Rural communities are also where people go to discover our heritage and reconnect with nature.

One in five Ontarians lives in an area considered rural. Rural populations are older, wages are lower, and the cost of living is often higher, than in the urban communities. Without deliberate polices to foster rural sustainability, the future of the province is at stake. Industries such as forestry, farming, mining, and food production need thriving communities to serve the province’s growing needs.

It is time the Province stops neglecting the rural communities, and for the residents of those communities to stand up and fight for their way of life, before it is destroyed.
Once again, the OPP did an excellent job by arresting two Kemptville residents for possession of methamphetamine pills for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possession of a firearm contrary to a Prohibition Order, and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

This is not the first time that the OPP have arrested residents of North Grenville for drug trafficking and firearms. Let me say it straight: the drug traffickers are not heroes or victims of society, but the low-life scumbags of society that feed on the weakest of that society. They sell drugs to our children and destroy our society to make money.
The traffickers, to protect themselves, will use their guns to shoot and injure, or kill, residents, without any conscience. It is time to start demanding that our federal government and judges tighten the Criminal Code and start doing their job by protecting the public. We have spent millions of dollars on drug education and social programs without, in my opinion, any outcome. The police are doing their job, and now it is time the judicial system do its job to protect the public. My frustration is growing by the day.


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