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St. Michael Catholic High School students collected a mountain of canned goods for the Knights of Columbus food bank last week, prompting one of their teachers to shave off his beard.

Religion teacher, Michael Hurd, told students that, if they collected over 1,200 cans, he would shave his beard, which he has been growing for the past four years. The students collected almost double that amount, a total of 2,265 cans of non-perishable food items and $505 in cash. True to his word, Mr. Hurd allowed one of the students to shave off his beard on Friday in the cafeteria, while the student body watched.

St. Mike’s chaplain, John Whyte, says he is very pleased with the result of this Fall’s
food drive. The students were able to collect thousands of cans over only five days last
week. “One class gave 20 cans per student,” he says.

Members of the Knights of Columbus came to St. Mike’s on Friday to collect the donations, which were piled in the foyer at the school. John says the cans will supply the food bank for at least a few months, and the variety will allow them to create nice baskets of food for those in need. “I am very pleased with the student involvement,” he says. “It’s a great conversation you can have with students about sharing.”


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