L-R: Grade 10 students Victoria Jones, Halley Mackie, Jada Ouelette, Emma Irving

The library at St. Michael Catholic High School was full of student art last Wednesday evening, at the school’s annual art show. Charcoal drawings and paintings lined the walls and large panels throughout the room, stained glass pieces were in the windows, and unique pottery sat on mirrors, showcasing the mugs and bowls from above and from below. It was an excellent showcase of the talent that is rampant among the high school students at St. Mike’s.

“It’s a really good program that a lot of schools don’t get,” says Grade 10 student, Emma Irving, when asked what she likes most about art classes with teacher, Lindsay Melnick. “There is always something new to do every year.”

Grade 9 student Elizabeth Squire-Fisher

Grade 9 student, Elizabeth Squire-Fisher, who had an excellent drawing of an old-style camera on display, says she really appreciates Lindsay’s style of teaching. “She doesn’t tell us what to do,” she says. “We have the freedom to do what we want within a framework.”

The Grade 10 students did charcoal drawings, face pottery, recreated famous paintings, and also tried their hand at water colours this year. “I really like all the materials we get to use,” says student, Jada Ouellette.

Lindsay says she is very happy with the pieces the students produced this year. She clearly takes pride in the program she has created, and feels strongly about giving the students the tools they need to succeed. “I’ll fundraise if I have to,” she says.


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