St Michael Catholic High School is proud to host Dr. Eva Olsson on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 who will speak to students, staff and members of the community. An acclaimed author and speaker, Eva speaks regularly to schools and public appearances across North America. She is a National bestselling author who relates her experiences as a Holocaust survivor during WWII.

Eva was born in Hungary in 1924 into a family of poor Hasidic Jews. World War Two saw Eva being sent to concentration camps where she lived through the unspeakable horrors of racism and bigotry. After keeping her story of survival and determination quite for over 50 years, Eva finally went public with her memories.

She is a recipient of honorary degrees from Canadian universities and has been awarded the Order of Ontario. She has spoken to over one and half million people in here over 3000 speaking engagements.

The public is encouraged to come out and hear this inspiration speaker. Dr. Eva Olsson’s presentation begins at 6:30pm at St Michael Catholic High School.


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