St. John’s United Church is temporarily having to close its doors


by Ronald Patterson, Board Chair

St. John’s United Church has a long history of service and support within the local community dating as far back to the 1800s. As a community of faith, our doors have been open to not just Sunday Worship, but to service clubs, activity groups, school programs, support programs, and educational programs. 

Unfortunately, St. John’s is temporarily having to close its doors. We are suspending in‑person worship service at our location at 400 Prescott Street pending the resolution of the withdrawal of our insurance coverage.

A structural issue within our building was discovered in April of this year. The matter has been assessed by an engineering firm and the Municipality of North Grenville. An updated engineering report with recommendations for resolution of the problem is underway. However, the withdrawal of our building insurance, effective September 6, means that we must suspend all public activity in our building until the insurance issue has been resolved.

St. John’s is a vibrant and active congregation, with many links to this community. Many generous offerings of an interim location for Sunday morning services were received. St. John’s United Church will be holding our services at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 319 Prescott Street, at 9:00 am until further notice.

Updates, including the temporary location for services, are available on our website ( and other media. We thank everyone for their ongoing support of our faith community.



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