The members of St. Ann Catholic Church have unveiled their new nativity scene. The pieces for the scene were donated by Bob Scissons and restored over the past year by Dr. Janet Weir, assisted by Mary Lou Hamill. They were primed and prepared for painting by Dana Paterson.

The colour selection for each piece was guided by pictorial references housed within the Vatican archives. The project vision was facilitated by the St. Ann Parish Committee under Chair Audrey Baker. When all the pieces were finished, the construction and display team set the nativity scene up outside the Church, led by Joel Weeks.

The church’s priest, Julius Nwagbara, led the inauguration on Saturday, and talked a little bit about the historic significance of nativity scenes. He also led several prayers and blessed the nativity scene, as well as all the parishioners who gathered in the cold to celebrate the new installation created by their peers.


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