Khiana with some of her handmade watercolour cards, available through Khiana’s Creations

by Rachel Everett-Fry, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Khiana Klatt, of Khiana’s Creations, was inspired by the kindness of one of her clients to start a campaign to spread kindness and gratitude in Kemptville.

Khiana, who started her business in 2019, wants to challenge the community to “give a card to a complete stranger,” and share the card on social media under the hashtag #KemptvilleKindness.

“Maybe you want to thank your favourite barista for always being so chipper, a neighbour for their beautiful garden, mail a card to nursing home residents, a thank you to hospital staff, etc. Whoever you want to thank, or say hi to, do it!”

Khiana was inspired by a client who ordered a custom watercolour card for a stranger. The client, who wishes to remain anonymous, frequently drove with her children past a home with a beautiful garden.

“They loved the gardens and the flowers that they see, and there’s often an older couple outside working away in the gardens. Every time she and her kids drive by, it makes her smile. She wanted to be able to thank them for their work, so that they know someone is appreciating the effort they put in.” The client delivered Khiana’s card to send this message.

One of the motivating forces for #KemptvilleKindness is the loneliness and isolation brought about through the Covid-19 pandemic. Khiana said, “everyone has been having a really hard time with the pandemic. So, I thought, if you can give someone a reason to smile, why not?”

Furthermore, Khiana, a registered early childhood educator, recognized her client’s initiative as an educational opportunity: “I thought it was so great she was teaching her kids to say thank you, even to someone they don’t know.”

The goal of the movement is to “get people to buy or make cards and hand them out to strangers, just to make them smile.”

If you send a message of gratitude to a stranger in our community, be sure to share the card on social media with the hashtag #KemptvilleKindness and tag Khiana’s Creations so that Khiana can see how far the movement goes.


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