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For a community that is Green and Growing, in a region Where Lifestyle Grows Good Business, the welcome sign out on County Road 44 is a sad reflection on the state of this community. Left to the tender mercies of wind and rain for too long, the large display board is decrepit, misleading and an embarrassment to North Grenville in general and Kemptville in particular.

It is meant to provide information on the service clubs and organisations in the municipality, but something needs to be done to spruce it up. Aside from a paint job, some of the notices need to be replaced. Some have already given up the ghost and fallen off. Others are more than a little out of date. Not only do the Lions not meet in the House of Van, that building was demolished some time ago. The Women’s Institute ceased operations decades ago, and the Arts Unlimited logo, designed by Maggie Boyer around 2001, hasn’t been seen for a very long time. It wouldn’t take much to put this right. Perhaps it is something the Chamber of Commerce could undertake as a project. They could pay for it out of their income from that little black event that was at the centre of their year.


  1. We organized this sign and the team at NG Public Works put it up in around 2002. Replacing it with a well designed replacement would be delightful. However the cost of replacement metal signs can be a burden to some service groups.


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