Smiths Falls newcomers bring international magic show to town

Two newcomers to Smiths Falls have brought an internationally renowned show to The Station Theatre this Summer.

Ted and Marion Outerbridge moved from Montreal to Smiths Falls in November. Their search for an old Victorian home between Montreal and Toronto brought them to the area, and they fell in love with Smiths Falls. “We just kept meeting wonderful people,” Marion says. “Everyone keeps asking us why Smiths Falls? And our answer is: why not?” Ted adds.
The Outerbridges have been partners in life and on the stage for nearly 20 years. A classically trained ballet dancer, Marion moved to Montreal from Germany for a job as a choreographer. Through a friend, she found out that Ted, a local magician, was looking for another dancer for his show. “The audition was a three-hour cup of coffee,” Ted remembers. “If she could fit in the box, she got the job.”

Marion fit: she became his second assistant. However, the two worked so well together, she quickly became his partner. She brought the unique perspective of a dancer and choreographer to his show, which made all the illusions look effortless and flow seamlessly together. “It brought the show to another level,” Ted says.

The pair are now touring their fourth show together. Outerbridge Clockwork Mysteries is a fast-paced show based on history and time travel. Ted says he was inspired to create the show when he thought he lost his brother in 9/11. It got him thinking a lot about time and stopping to smell the roses. “The show is about celebrating moments in time with the audience,” he says. “The illusions are performed by telling stories.”

The show is completely unique, and both Ted and Marion had their hands in every part of its production. Ted built all the the props (which includes a 7-foot-tall alarm clock), and Marion made all the costumes, of which there are about 20 for her alone in this current show. “I have about five,” Ted says.

The duo has been performing Clockwork Mysteries all over the world for the past five years. They have toured Canada, China and the U.S., with a special performance at the world-renowned Magic Castle in Los Angeles last summer.

Ted and Marion found out about the Station Theatre in Smiths Falls from the owner of the local watering hole, 4 Degrees Brewery. They went to have a look, and fell in love with the old building that used to be a CPR railway station. Although it is a smaller venue than they are used to, they felt the need to showcase their work in the town they now call home. They reached out to the Theatre and were able to partner with them to run eight shows through July and August. They say the town of Smiths Falls has also been very helpful in promoting their show.

It is clear the couple feel very much at home in Smiths Falls. They have found their Victorian dream home that they call the keyhole house, because of a unique keyhole shaped archway leading to the front door.

Ted has known he wanted to be a magician since he was a little boy, and he recently found out that one of his childhood idols, TV magician Tom Auburn, was actually born in Smiths Falls. “We only found that out after we bought the house,” he says, smiling.

There are only four opportunities left to see the Outerbridge’s show in Smiths Falls, although Ted says that, if there is interest, they are hoping to add some matinees to the schedule. Even if you miss the show this summer, the couple want to continue to perform at the Station Theatre every year until they can’t tour anymore. “We plan to make Smiths Falls a long-term home,” Marion says.

For tickets to one of their upcoming shows, visit The Station Theatre website, or


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