Small Business Enterprise Centre launches Summer Company program


On June 3, the Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre officially launched the 20th year of the Summer Company program. The launch, which was held over Zoom this year, introduced six young entrepreneurs in Leeds Grenville who will get the experience of being their own boss this summer. The Summer Company program is funded by the Government of Ontario and provides hands-on business training and mentoring, as well as up to $3,000 to help the youth start up and run their own business over the summer.

Participants will receive half the award in early summer to help with start up costs, with the other half in the fall upon the successful completion of the Summer Company program and proof of them returning to school. Participants also have the opportunity to meet with a local business and mentoring group for support and advice on operating their summer business.

Two of this year’s participants are from North Grenville. Jacob Kirkham, from Lumber2Lathe, will be creating a collection of wooden gifts, including duck calls, bowls, rings, and coasters. Items will be made from maple, black walnut, and other types of wood using a lathe and other tools. Jacob’s products will be available on Facebook under Lumber2Lathe. You can also get in touch with him at or 514-347-0316.

Kai Rabuka has created Rabuka Yard Works, a small landscaping and yard maintenance company that provides residential or commercial lawn maintenance in North Grenville, Merrickville, Manotick, and North Gower areas. You can find Kai on Facebook under Rabuka Yard Works Co., or email him at

For a full list of this year’s aspiring entrepreneurs, visit the Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre website. A birthday bash to celebrate the program’s 20th anniversary is planned for August 20.


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