Signs of hope for Merrickville-Wolford


by Mayor Doug Struthers

Hopeful promising signs and indicators have appeared on the provincial scene. The province has outlined a cautious and gradual reopening. Restaurant and gym guidelines have been announced, starting January 31, marking the beginning of easing measures, with 21 days between then and the next steps. Yes, cautious and careful, not unlike the “steps” last year.

As encouraging as this is, please remember to get your vaccines and maintain the good practices of wearing a mask, distancing, and adhering to the guidelines of indoor and outdoor gatherings.

We all want to get to the end of the COVID pandemic.

With a little licence, I am reminded of words about Humanity: “Don’t measure goodness by what we don’t do, or what we deny ourselves, what we resist, and who we exclude. We ought to measure goodness by what we embrace, what we create, and who we include.”

Live your life in Merrickville-Wolford with kindness and tolerance.

There is a saying that no farmer would let his neighbour go hungry. We know there is a history of looking after our neighbours in challenging times or circumstances. Our community has always supported the Emergency Food Cupboard. The recent Christmas Hamper program, as every year, is thanks for our Lions Club.

And go back a wee bit in our history, the Wolford Helpers. Different groups, differently organized, perhaps. However, all are a reflection of the spirit of Merrickville-Wolford and our “humanity”.

So, too, this applies to our businesses. Yes, our businesses, our local businesses. They are more than a sign hanging in the window. We know so many of the owners and staff. They, too, are our friends and neighbours. What an amazing group, who have come together recently to help Pickle and Myrrh.

Yes, we can still shop local. As mentioned in this paper last week, “Crisis Caramels” can be purchased at Wick Witch Apothecary, The Village Bean, Violets on Main, and Valley Custom Cutting.  How sweet is that!

Merrickville-Wolford. We always have, and we continue to embrace, create, include. It is indeed our “humanity”.


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