submitted by Louise Atchison

I found my glasses! Those rose-coloured ones. They are a triprescription now, quite thick, scratched and foggy, but fit so, so well.

They are best suited for the yellowed photos in those dusty albums, and the recipes written by hand, in cursive writing, on the back of an envelope or receipt, squished into a well eared binder.

And then there is the music: songs from the 50’s and 60’s reminding me of the angst of youth, the pain long forgotten, just the warmth and energy remaining.

These glasses moved me to gather songs from those formative years, have a fundraiser for Kemptville and District Home Support, enlist the Ottawa Valley Male Choir to assist the Singing Seniors from KDHSI, invite the ladies quartet: The Humming Birds, and spice it up with special local guests who could render some of the memorable tunes from that collection. Shake Rattle and Roll so began.

We are in rehearsal. My goal is to keep the ear worms going all summer, readying for the show in November, just before Remembrance Day on the 8th, 9th and 10th at the Urbandale Arts Centre, Kemptville.

We enjoyed presenting We’ll Meet Again in 2017, and hope to see you ready to Shake Rattle and Roll in November. Tickets and details available soon.


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