Seniors’ Community Services clients had some very special deliveries during the March Meals on Wheels Community Champions Week. They came by horseback, in police cars, in fire trucks and on foot to bring nutritious meals and bright smiles right to the door.

Chief Okum and SCS volunteer Deborah Johnson with Gayle SCS client. Photo credit Jill Woodley

Meals on Wheels is one of the programs offered by Kemptville’s Seniors’ Community Services. An essential support, especially during the challenges of the pandemic. In 2019, SCS delivered 3400 meals, but saw that increase to 8400 meals in 2020. Volunteers deliver meals to over 125 clients in the North Grenville area, ensuring seniors and adults with physical disabilities have access to fresh, nutritious meals.

Dawn Rodger, Executive Director at SCS believes “Meals on wheels is more than just a meal, it’s a defining moment. Our volunteers are the eyes and ears for North Grenville’s most isolated seniors. Daily deliveries of nutritious meals provide a human-to-human connection that acts as a safety assurance. The need for meals on wheels program during the pandemic has grown with the inability of seniors to make the masked weekly trip to the grocery store.”

Mayor Nancy Peckford with SCS client Marina

During Meals on Wheels Community Champions Week, clients were treated to special deliveries by Katy Drummond and Liz MacGregor of Heritage Stables on their beautiful horses, Beamer and La Senza. They delivered laughter and smiles, and clients and neighbours shared stories of their own horse days. Children and kids-at-heart came out for a picture and a pat, and the joy was palpable. The OPP and the North Grenville Fire Department sent out their finest, and spent two mornings meeting neighbours and having some chit chat in the sunshine that graced the deliveries each day. On the last day, North Grenville Mayor, Nancy Peckford surprised some very happy clients with door to door service of their weekly meals, and time was spent with warm conversations on the porch.

“Tremendous thanks to our community champions, staff and volunteers who made this week such an incredible success. We applaud the work you do in our community,” said Dawn Rodger

Meals on Heels, Meals on Wheels, and Meals on foot. It was a week that will not be forgotten by the clients, and the volunteers. It was a welcome reprieve from what has been a very difficult year.

For more information on the Meals on Wheels Program at the Seniors’ Community Services, please visit the website at or call 613-258-3203.


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