Senior Times Let’s Connect …


by Susan Smith, Executive Director, Kemptville & District Home Support

“Now’s the time to start something new”. This is the theme for the 34th annual ‘Seniors’ Month’ in Ontario. Last month, we ‘chatted’ about retirement and the activities in the area, and here at Kemptville & District Home Support, as opportunities to ‘start something new’. Now, I would like to chat about ‘starting something new’ in a more introspective way.

There are constant changes happening in our personal lives, in the community, and in the world. These changes can overwhelm us at times. To be able to slow down our thoughts and emotions, and appreciate the beautiful moments in our lives, is so important. Even through difficult times, there may be the kindness of someone to appreciate and savour. It could be the smile of a stranger, someone opening a door, the gentle manner of the nurse changing a dressing or taking your blood pressure. To truly appreciate and be thankful for these moments, no matter how fleeting, has the potential of enriching our lives.

I am constantly trying to slow my life down, without success… I think it is because there is so much that I’m interested in. However, I really am trying to savour every moment. It is really easy with our new grandbaby! Looking into those trusting eyes as his little hand is wrapped around my finger – I am 100% in that moment!

I also really appreciate the conversations that I have throughout the day, no matter how brief. It is that connection with another person that means so much to me.

Letitia Baldrige, noted etiquette expert and social secretary to Jaqueline Kennedy, noted that: “Tea time is a chance to pull back, slow down and appreciate our surroundings.” It may not be formal ‘Tea’ in which we partake; instead, it could be a regular meeting time with a group of friends, or in the quiet of our homes. What is important is that we challenge ourselves to ‘appreciate our surroundings’ and each other.

This week was our Annual Seniors’ BBQ/Picnic at the beautiful Maplewood hall and grounds in Oxford Mills. This was an excellent opportunity for people to relax and savour the moment. The Lions Club, along with Mel Benton and Don Watkins, provided the music for us. The Kemptville Lions Club, once again, provided the delicious BBQ, and Grenville Mutual Insurance Company donated homemade butter tarts. Many thanks to these groups who have been part of this annual event since the beginning. Their support of Kemptville & District Home Support and the seniors in the area is greatly appreciated!

Let’s challenge ourselves to ‘start something new’, whether by way of a new activity, or slowing down and appreciating and savouring the positive moments.
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