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by Susan Smith, Executive Director, Kemptville & District Home Support

October has brought us some amazing weather! It is great to see so many people outside walking, doing a bit of yard work, or just sitting and relaxing. The leaves are starting to change colours and the sun really magnifies this grand ‘show’ of nature.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the number of calls people have been getting from ‘scammers’. It is unbelievable how much information they can have on us and make it sound legitimate. In the last couple of weeks, I have been talking to seniors right here in North Grenville who have had these type of callers claiming to be from banks, lawyer’s offices, Revenue Canada, and even calls claiming that a family member was in trouble and needed money immediately!

Please don’t engage in conversations with these people – just hang up the phone as soon as you realize that you don’t know them. Remember, they are not calling to help you, even if they say they are. Ultimately, it is your money they are determined to get! If they call back, just hang up again. Never give any personal information over the phone. If you have any questions about these calls, talk with a family member, or call us at KDHSI. It is so important that we look after each other to keep our communities safe and a great place to live.

The community of North Grenville and surrounding area is made up of many smaller neighbourhoods amongst farms and businesses, as well as larger ‘centres’ such as Merrickville and Kemptville. There is a diverse group of people living and also working here. There are those who have lived here most, if not all of their lives, and those who are new to the community. There are newborns and those over 100 years old. Quite the amazing community! I have met a lot of people who have just moved here and, invariably, they have all mentioned that this whole area is so friendly!

This is also a great community that comes together to support the various organizations. There is a phenomenal group of volunteers who are part of the Team here at KDHSI. And the circle has widened, with the talented musicians who will be performing in ‘We’ll Meet Again” on November 10 and 12. They will be joined by many of KDHSI’s own ‘Sing’n Seniors’. Tickets are only $15 each and are available at the Municipal Centre, here at KDHSI and at Brewed Awakenings, where the coffee is delicious and the goodies are decadent!

I’ve got my tickets (for both shows) and am looking forward to seeing ‘We’ll Meet Again’. I hope to see as many people come out to show their support for all of the hours that Louise Atchison and her team of volunteers have committed to this; and, of course, to enjoy the show! It is not only a fundraiser for KDHSI, but also a walk down memory lane. The music will be wonderful, with many familiar songs, and other very interesting pieces mixed in. This is a wonderful tribute to those who served during WWI and WWII, in so many different capacities, so that we can enjoy our great communities.

Singer songwriter, Ani DiFranco, defines community so well, “I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.”

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