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The Kemptville 73’s in the drivers seat with 3-3 tie for the best of seven, could wrap it up for the hometown fans Sunday night. Unfortunately, the Canadians had other ideas as they capitalized on the 73’s mistakes, and there was plenty to run away with 4-1 victory, witnessed by 647 fans.

Hodgins seemed oblivious when Hughes, to Girduckis across to Conner Hill, as he blew it by the frozen stopper into the mesh at 18:33. With a man advantage, 73’s fail to keep it in opposition zone, as Knoblauch knocks it out, and Geoff Kitt, flying through the middle, buries in open net with SHG, after Hodgins shot rubber at him at 5:30 for another gift to take 2 to zip. Kemptville out-shot Carleton Place 15-9, but gave up two weak goals to close the first.

The second was not much better, as Kemptville seemed to be playing in a fog without communication and too much individual effort. Their PK lacked aggressive attack to the points in the shooting lane, moving the box into defensive mode, but finally controlled the draws. Fans wondering what happened to the sharp, quick passes that the 73’s usual display and the special team penetration. An assignment breakdown of Kemptville gave a 3 on 1 attack, as Kitt combined with Merkley, across to Antoine Desmeules, to hammer it past Hodgins at 13:49. Cmunt, combined with Kitt, cycled low to find open lane and Cullen bounced it off Brent Hill’s helmet, over Hodgin’s shoulder, at 9:23 to chase him to the showers. Canadians peppered Nicholas Hodgins with 21 SOG, and 73’s only managed to direct six SOG on Conner Hughes with four-goal lead.

Final twenty: Peter Brooks kept the Canadians off the board, and Jake Gaudet stole the puck on his off wing to rifle one over Hughes’ glove side to spoil his SO attampt at 3:18. But a little too late, as Carleton Place received a gift from Kemptville with 4-1 win, with only 34 SOG to 33 SOG to even it up at one.

Here we go again, back Wednesday night into the opponent’s backyard, the boys need to pull up their socks with a game down; and that is exactly what they did, as they headed home with a 4-1 victory for tomorrow night’s home challenge. With a different attitude and confidence, the 73’s came out with a vengeance on a PP at 1:28, when Dow combined with Tracy to find Adam Alavi to open the first with PPG. Carleton Place pulled their stopper at :37 for extra attacker, to no avail, as Hughes returned between the pipes at :28. Canadians peppered 16 SOG at Nicholas Hodgins to 9 faced by Connor Hughes, with the 73’s ahead by one.

Kemptville stepped up their attack as Bastian over to Osik, across to Neal Samanski for the insurance at 17:27, to put them ahead by two. Then the “tenacity kid” unleashed his attributes with helper from Samanski at 11:17, as Tyler Beauparlant got on the board. Neal Samanski counts his second goal, assisted by Beauparlant with Osik, at 3:40 to close out the period and give Kemptville a 4-0 lead. SOG were close, with Kemptville 12 to Carleton Place 10.

The Canadians launched a comeback as Zachary Tupker, with Buchanan and Hill, beat Hodgins to spoil his SO attempt at 14:09 to end the battle with a 73’s win to tie it at two apiece. Final SOG: 34 for Canadians to 73’s 24, and a total of 30 PIM.

Here we are in our own barn on Thursday night for the fifth game of the series to face the “pesky” Canadians with a 2-2 tie in the best of seven. Carleton Place arrived with a mission to take another away contest win back to their house for game 6 Saturday night, and they accomplished that with yet another win 4-1. Extremely strange, as the last three sessions have ended with a 4-1 result.

Cullen back to the point, and Conner Hill launches a missile through a crowd to put the Canadians on the board at 14:16. Canadians still in attack mode with man advantage, as Friesen, with Bangs, moves it to the net and Shawn Kennedy flips it over sprawling stopper for PPG, to run away with 2-goal lead at 7:00. Confusing shot, as Kemptville on PP, Dow combined with Tracy to set up point Giguere to slap it toward Hughes, and Bobby Dow deflects past him for PPG at 4:45 to close out first. Carleton Place SOG 10 to Kemptville 9, very tight period, with bouncing rubber and soft ice conditions.

73’s on PP when Hodgins clears puck into Knoblauch, glides behind the line, then defender sends it to Geoff Kitt for SHG to put it into the back of the net to make 3-1 at 10:11. Nonchalant pass through neutral zone by 73’s, as Brent Hill broke over the line to hammer it past Hodgins at 5:00 for three goal advantage to end second. Canadians SOG 11 to 73’s 7, and both clubs racking 6 PIM each for two periods.

Final twenty, as the 73’s, now in the same hole as previous home game, needed to put the peddle down to take control. The only markers on the sheet were for the “sin bin”, with Kemptville “special teams” unable to capitalize, and it ended with 4 to 1 victory for the Carleton Place Canadians. Final SOG for Canadians 27, and 23 for 73’s, to give them 2 to 2 going home on Saturday night.

Back into opposition territory Saturday night, with an opportunity for the 73’s to move forward. But after the win Thursday, the Canadians were motivated to make a statement, as they posted a 3-2 win in OT to place them closer to the final showdown.

Kemptville drew first blood with their first SOG at 18:56, when Tracy found Bobby Dow to beat Hughes top shelf. Alex Friesen, with helpers from Lombardozzi and Cullen, to even it up at :54 to end the first. Knoblauch to Geoff Kitt, past Hodgins at 5:30 to put Carleton Place ahead by one to wrap up the second. Final twenty: Kemptville tied it at two to force OT when Dow, with Tracy, set up Jake Gaudet to rifle it home at 18:12. Canadian’s outshot 73’s by 39 to 34.

Come on out and experience “Hockey with Edge”… your community 73’s.


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