by Marc Nadeau

During Earth Week, the Kemptville Scouting movement participated in the national Pitch In campaign to help clean up communities of litter that despoils the roadsides and ditches of North Grenville. The Kemptville Scouts tackled the high-volume Highway 43 corridor, where many litter bags were filled by an enthusiastic troop. Scouts were encouraged by the good will of a passerby who purchased a pizza for the youth. Motorists also offered their support with many honks of their horns.

The Venture Scout group set their sights on Curry Park and environs, and came away with many Pitch In bags filled with a variety of debris. The Kemptville Cubs took it upon themselves to clean up Riverside Park. Beaver Cubs cleaned up along the Trans Canada rail trail. Many of the youth wondered how individuals can be indifferent to the environment and public spaces by littering. It is hoped that their experience will foster attitudes and values that will make them good environmental citizens.


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