The Upper Canada School Board read a recent article in the NG Times with some concern. In the March 15 edition, in an article titled “Population growth and the impact on municipal taxes”, John Brauneisen reported that:

“Recently, I spoke with someone who is a member of the trails committee. I was told that the school buses going to the new Kemptville Public School in September will drop the students off at the Fire Hall in the morning. The students will then walk north on the trail to the new crosswalk on County Road 44, cross over the road and enter their new school. In the afternoon, the students walk from the school back to the Fire Hall, where they will be picked up by the school buses and then taken home. In this way the Upper Canada Board of Education will help to promote physical fitness among the students of Kemptville Public School.”

In spite of this report coming from a member of the municipal Trails Committee, the School Board want it understood that they never, at any time, had any intention of asking students to cross CR44 to get to the new Public School being built at the moment. Nor, said a spokesperson for the Board, would they ever begin to consider such a move. Safety of students is a main priority for the Board and that, alone, would prevent such a situation.


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