Salvation Army needs a tap from you


It’s definitely Christmas season when the Salvation Army kettles appear around the community. But familiarity often breeds indifference. This year, more than ever, families need the support and practical help of our charitable outreach programs. The Salvation Army, House of Lazarus, Knights of Columbus, Community Food Share, Foodcore, and so many others are facing increased demands for services, with literally hundreds of people depending on them for food, clothing, and other basic needs.

In the past couple of years, volunteers to staff Salvation Army kettles, for example, have been harder to find, leaving many kettles standing idle. But this year, a new element has been added. Beside the traditional kettle, where you can deposit your donations, there is now a panel where you can use your bank or credit card to tap a donation of $5, $10, or $20. Quick, painless, and so convenient.

No longer do you have to scrabble for whatever change you have left in your pocket after paying for groceries, or shopping at the LCBO. Now your generosity can be boundless, cashless, and immediate.

Please remember that not everyone is as fortunate as to take food and winter clothing for their children for granted. This year, there will be many many opportunities for you to share yourself with others. Grab every opportunity, and help make this Christmas one that is joyful and merry for every one of us.


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