Rural Clean Water Program Accepting Applications


from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

Grants and technical assistance are “at the ready” for on-farm and rural projects that protect water quality. If you have a project that meets the requirements, why not give us call.

  • Clean Water Diversion
  • Surface/Wastewater Treatment/Management
  • Livestock Restriction from Water–Livestock Crossing, Alternate Watering, Fencing
  • Pesticide/Chemical/Fertilizer/Fuel Storage and Handling Facility
  • Nutrient Management Plans/Precision Farming
  • Manure Storage/Treatment
  • Controlled Tile Drainage
  • Erosion Control — Field and Tile Outlet, shorelines
  • Land Retirement
  • Buffers, Windbreaks and cover crops
  • Forest & Wetland Management Plans
  • Private Sewage System Repair
  • Well Upgrades, Decommissioning, Replacements
  • Education Initiative and innovative Projects

For more information contact DEREK at ext. 1136 or [email protected] or visit


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