Spencerville TNR Cat Rescue is hosting a rummage sale at Ferguson Forest Centre on September 11. The event will also include a bake sale, sun catchers, jewelry, and agendas that Spencerville TNR regularly sells for fundraising, vintage and handmade clothes and the Curbalicious Cart.

The funds raised at the rummage sale will support Spencerville TNR Cat Rescue. TNR stands for trap, neuter, release and re-home.  According to fundraising coordinator Colleen Morris-Wilson, “last year, Spencerville TNR helped between 800-900 cats. Of those, about 400 were re-homed.” 

Cats that seem able to adapt to life as a pet are treated to whatever medical services they require – sometimes costly surgeries- and then housed through a foster system until they are adopted. Feral cats which would be unable to adapt to domestic life, are trapped, provided with veterinary care, spayed or neutered, and then released back to their colony. This system prevents feral cats from overpopulating and spreading disease, and also provides many local farmers with mousers. 

Colleen explains that “none of this would happen without supporters and without money.” The upcoming rummage sale is your opportunity to help support and fund Spencerville TNR in helping hundreds of local cats each year.

Those wanting to contribute to the rummage sale can rent a table for $25. This deposit is just to serve as a commitment to use the spot, and can be refunded after the sale. Sell your items in the manner you would at a yard sale, and then donate the cash to Spencerville TNR at the end of the day. You are volunteering your time and donating the cash you make from selling items to help fund the rescue. Colleen described the event as “a way for people who would like to help the rescue but are perhaps not in a financial situation to do that, to give us a little bit of time and some treasures they would love to get rid of.” 

Colleen also noted that if you have stuff to donate, but are short on time, you can drop off some items to be sold on your behalf. You must, however, return at the end of the day to collect any unsold items. This is a small event being run by a small number of volunteers, and they do not have the capacity to manage large amounts of leftover stuff. 

If you don’t have stuff to sell, be sure to stop by Ferguson Forest Centre at 275 County Road 44 between 9am-3pm to hunt for treasures and enjoy food from the Curbalicious Cart. For more information, visit the Spencerville TNR Facebook page, or email corinne.a.morris@gmail.com



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