Rotary continues its work in this community


The Rotary Club of Kemptville continues to meet online to maintain our connections with each other as well as finding ways to continue service to our community. “The global effort against COVID-19 depends on actions taken in every country. As people of action, this is our time to connect with each other to offer immediate help to people in need.” –Mark Daniel Maloney, Rotary International President, 2019-2020.

At the most recent Rotary meeting the membership reviewed the budget to find ways to reduce expenditures. As a result, the club made donations to House of Lazarus and Salvation Army foodbanks. Rotarians understand that we must continue to do our share to ensure that the communities’ less fortunate are able to have the necessities of life.

If you would like to join our next Zoom meeting, please contact us via our website or Nancy Miller-McKenzie at 613-808-1660.


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