The NG Times Newspaper

by Cecile Fortier

Heat or no heat, rain or no rain, nothing stopped the hundred or more ladies from braving the menacing clouds for the competitive end of the month game.

June was a month of many firsts for the league: the greatest number of ladies joining, the most ever to participate in tournaments, and the most winning birdie pins in a single month.

Last of all but not least, was the great weather that permitted all to play in a warm and competitive friendly atmosphere. It allowed the ladies to mingle and meet old friends and make new ones.

The “Jean Hyndman tournament” was held with an unprecedented number of ladies taking part. More than eleven foursomes teed‑off. The game was enjoyed by all and the winners were: First place, Leslie Cheal; Second, Bonnie Thibaudeau tied with Donna Lush. Kudos ladies! The season promises to be a very fruitful one with different activities and tournaments.

The end of the month game was “Three blind mice”, a fun game that blindly erases three holes from the score card. The winners were: this time Donna Lush came on top with Leslie Cheal taking second place. Third was Donna Baker and fourth Cathy Maur. Congratulations ladies! Because the afternoon players did not finish playing until 7:30 pm, the captains counted the score cards the next morning.

It was a long and arduous task for Jean and Jenny to check and recheck in order to make sure no errors were made. They worked tirelessly before announcing the winners.
Thanks to both of you for doing such a long and strenuous task.

Your spritely effervescence in doing the work for the first month of your captaincy wasn’t an easy one with so many ladies signing in to play every week. You are marvelous and so well organized!

The ladies remarked that four new benches were put along the ladies’ tee boxes at appropriate holes. Thanks to Kathryn Etmanski who spent her winter building them herself.

An emotional Kathryn, when first spying her benches, was full of pride and grateful that the words on the plaques specify her achievements through her years of golfing with friends who helped her along the way and who have remarked on how far she has come since her first try at golf.

Birdie pins were given to Willie Bridges, Leslie Cheal, Georgia Crawford, Donna Lush, Brenda Macumber, Cathy Maur, Marg McCornock,Bonnie Thibaudeau, Cathy Valcour; and Gisela Winter. Breaking 90 and 80 was Lesllie Cheal, and Donna Lush broke 90. Kudos to all of you!

In June, only one Tuesday was a miss, but July hopefully will continue the trend of warm, sunny days with cheerful ladies playing golf and keeping the dream of achieving THE perfect game!


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