Resident concerned over omission in report


A Merrickville-Wolford resident has expressed concern over a mistake in the 2017 Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) report presented to council on April 23. Barry Phillips first brought the issue to council during the public question period on April 23. The report said that there had been no public complaints about the water treatment facility in 2017.

However, Barry says he brought the issue of a smell wafting from the facility to council last year, and also made a formal complaint to OCWA. “There is no reference to any complaints [in the report] at all,” he said, adding that he got a letter from OCWA confirming that they received his complaint in 2017. The CAO, Arie Hoogenboom, told Barry at the meeting on April 23 that he would look into it.

At the last meeting, on May 28, Barry stepped up once again during the public question period to raise this issue, as he had heard nothing from the municipality since. Arie assured him that he has been in contact with OCWA, who acknowledged their mistake and are in the process of revising the report. “I expect the report back within the next week,” he said.

Even with this issue resolved, Barry is still concerned about the report. “If that’s wrong, are there any other errors in the report?” he asked. The revised report will likely come back to council at the next meeting to be reviewed and received.


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